ShieldON EMF Shielding Paint Review

ShieldON EMF Shielding Paint Review

ShieldON EMF Shielding Paint offers a significant protective measure against electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), which are becoming increasingly prevalent in our modern world.

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ShieldON EMF Shielding Paint

Key features:

Effective EMF Attenuation: Blocks wide frequency range.

User-Friendly Application: Comparable to regular paint.

Eco-Friendly Composition: Safe, non-toxic materials.

Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Use: Suitable for various environments.


  • Highly effective against diverse EMF sources.
  • Minimal maintenance, long-lasting protective qualities.
  • Environmentally safe, no harmful chemicals used.
  • Easily overcoated with aesthetic color choices.


  • Higher cost than standard wall paints.
  • Professional installation needed for optimal grounding.
  • Limited availability in certain global markets.
ShieldOn Paint

This review delves into the benefits and essential considerations of using EMF shielding paints, specifically focusing on the ShieldON brand. We aim to answer the typical questions a potential buyer might have, helping them make an informed decision.

What is EMF Shielding Paint?

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) shielding paint is a specialized product designed to attenuate, absorb, or block electromagnetic fields or radio frequencies (RF) in an environment. This type of paint is infused with conductive materials, such as carbon, metal particles, or other conductive compounds, allowing it to shield against various frequencies emitted by cellular phones, Wi-Fi routers, and other electronic devices. Its primary purpose is to create a barrier that reduces exposure to EMFs, which some people are concerned about for health or privacy reasons. The paint is typically applied in homes, workplaces, and areas where EMF sensitivity is a concern, offering a protective layer to keep external EMF sources at bay.

Overview of ShieldON EMF Protective Paint

ShieldON EMF Protective Paint is a state-of-the-art solution in the realm of EMF shielding. This water-based paint is not just another layer of color but a technologically advanced shield against electromagnetic frequencies. Its unique formulation consists of a high-quality pure acrylic binder integrated with a holohedral carbon structure. This combination is what gives ShieldON its superior ability to block a wide range of frequencies, from radio waves to lower microwave frequencies. The paint is versatile enough for use on various surfaces, including walls, ceilings, and doors, and is equally effective in both indoor and outdoor settings. Its consistency and composition allow it to be applied as smoothly as any regular wall paint, making it a practical choice for those seeking both functionality and ease of use.

Ease of Application

One of the most appealing aspects of ShieldON EMF Protective Paint is its ease of application. Designed to be user-friendly, it can be applied in a similar manner to traditional wall paint. This means it can be rolled or brushed onto surfaces without the need for specialized equipment or techniques. However, its unique property of blocking EMFs necessitates proper grounding. While the application itself can be performed by anyone with basic painting skills, the grounding process may require the expertise of a qualified professional to ensure optimal effectiveness. This additional step is crucial in transforming a painted space into an EMF-protected zone.

Effectiveness in Blocking EMFs

The effectiveness of ShieldON in blocking EMFs is one of its standout features. It is capable of shielding a wide range of frequencies, up to 18GHz, which includes those used by common devices like cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and even certain types of radar. This makes it a highly versatile option for EMF protection. The paint achieves an attenuation of 36dB with a single layer, and up to 43dB with two layers, translating to an effectiveness of 99.98% and 99.995%, respectively. This high level of protection ensures that a majority of the electromagnetic waves are either absorbed or reflected, significantly reducing the exposure within the shielded space.

Environmental Impact and Safety

In addition to its protective qualities, ShieldON EMF Protective Paint is also environmentally friendly. The use of water-based components and a non-toxic formulation makes it a safe choice for both the environment and the inhabitants of the painted space. The absence of metallic particles in its composition also means that it does not contribute to electromagnetic pollution or interference. Its water resistance and corrosion resistance further add to its environmental credentials, ensuring that the paint remains effective without degrading over time. Furthermore, the safety of ShieldON extends to its application process, which, apart from the grounding requirement, poses no significant health risks, making it a responsible choice for EMF protection.

Practical Applications

ShieldON EMF Protective Paint finds its utility in a diverse array of settings, catering to both personal and professional needs. In homes, particularly in bedrooms, nurseries, or any area where prolonged time is spent, ShieldON can provide peace of mind by reducing EMF exposure. It's especially valuable in urban areas where the density of wireless signals is high. In office environments or commercial buildings, applying ShieldON can be part of creating a healthier workspace, especially in areas with a high concentration of electronic devices.

Educational institutions and healthcare facilities can also benefit significantly. Schools and universities equipped with Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies can use ShieldON to reduce students' and staff's exposure to EMFs. In healthcare settings, particularly in spaces dedicated to patients with EMF sensitivity, ShieldON can help create a more conducive environment for recovery and wellbeing.

Moreover, in industrial settings and research facilities, where precise measurements and experiments are conducted, ShieldON can help in creating interference-free zones, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of sensitive equipment.

Is ShieldON Worth the Investment?

As we wrap up our comprehensive review of ShieldON EMF Protective Paint, it's important to revisit the key features and benefits that make it stand out in the market. We'll look at the essential aspects that contribute to its value proposition and help you determine whether this investment aligns with your needs.

  • Effective EMF Protection: ShieldON provides significant attenuation of electromagnetic frequencies, ensuring a safer and healthier living or working environment.
  • Ease of Use: Its application process is similar to regular paint, making it accessible for DIY enthusiasts, although professional assistance is recommended for grounding.
  • Environmental and Health Safety: The paint is non-toxic and eco-friendly, posing no harm to the environment or occupants.

Considering its effectiveness in shielding against EMFs, ease of application, environmental friendliness, and versatile use cases, ShieldON EMF Protective Paint stands as a significant investment for those prioritizing health and safety in EMF-rich environments. Take the first step towards a more protected environment by purchasing ShieldON EMF Shielding Paint here today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can ShieldON paint be used in areas with high humidity?

Yes, ShieldON is water-resistant, making it suitable for use in high humidity areas.

2. Does the paint interfere with mobile phone signals inside the room?

ShieldON may reduce the strength of mobile signals inside the shielded room, which is a part of its EMF blocking function.

3. How long does the paint take to dry?

Drying times can vary based on environmental conditions, but typically it dries to the touch within a few hours.

4. Can ShieldON paint be used in children's rooms?

Absolutely, it is non-toxic and safe, making it ideal for use in children's rooms or nurseries.

5. Is there a specific color range available for ShieldON paint?

ShieldON EMF Protective Paint typically comes in a standard color, but it can be overcoated with any latex paint of your choice for aesthetic versatility.