Faraday Infrared Sauna Review

In the world of saunas, the Faraday Infrared Sauna stands out, offering a plethora of benefits to its users. But why should you consider investing in it? 

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Faraday Infrared Sauna

Key features:

Direct Heating Mechanism: Utilizes unique infrared technology that directly heats the body.

Efficient Detoxification: Offers a deeper detoxifying sweat at lower temperatures.

Elegant Design: Boasts a sleek and precise design suitable for any home setting.

Durability: Robust build quality ensures longevity.

Health Advantages: Provides numerous health benefits, including improved circulation, weight loss aid, and detoxification.


  • Direct body heating using infrared technology.
  • Sturdy build and elegant design.
  • Multiple health benefits.
  • Energy efficient and eco-friendly.
  • User-friendly interface and controls.


  • Might be pricier than traditional saunas.
  • Requires regular maintenance.
  • Limited seating capacity compared to larger traditional models.
Faraday Infrared Sauna Review

In this review, we'll dive deep into what makes this sauna special, the things you should keep in mind before making a purchase, and whether it truly lives up to the hype. Ever wondered if infrared is the way to go? Or if the build quality is worth the price tag? Let’s uncover the answers.

History and Background of Faraday Saunas

Website homepage of Faraday Infrared Sauna

Website homepage of Faraday Infrared Sauna

Origin and evolution

Faraday Saunas, named after the renowned scientist Michael Faraday, have been in the market for quite some time. They've evolved, incorporating the latest technologies to provide the best sauna experience.

Popularity growth

The rise in demand for infrared saunas has put Faraday on the map. They've carved a niche for themselves, thanks to their dedication to quality and innovation.

From the founder of kresser institute

"I believe that near-infrared is the most therapeutic of the sauna options, and I love that Faraday not only doesn't emit EMF or MF, it blocks out all ambient EMF for a completely 'clean' detox experience. I've noticed benefits in sleep, mood, energy, and overall vitality after justa couple of weeks of using it. I even put my far infrared sauna on Craigslist because I haven't used it once since I got the SaunaSpace." (source)

Chris Kresser  //  SaunaSpace owner since 2018

Key Features of the Faraday Infrared Sauna

Infrared technology

Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air around you, Faraday's infrared technology directly warms your body. This means a deeper, more detoxifying sweat at a lower temperature.

Design and build quality

Crafted with precision, the Faraday sauna boasts a sleek design that fits into any home décor. The build quality ensures longevity and a robust sauna experience.

Health benefits

From improving circulation to aiding in weight loss and detoxification, the health advantages of using the Faraday Infrared Sauna are manifold.

How Does the Faraday Infrared Sauna Compare?

Comparison to traditional saunas

Traditional saunas use heat to warm the air, which in turn warms your body. Faraday's infrared technology offers a more efficient, direct method of heating.

Benefits over competitors

While there are many infrared saunas in the market, Faraday stands out with its impeccable design, quality, and unmatched health benefits.

Hypoallergenic, clean & safe

In today's world, where allergies and sensitivities are on the rise, it's crucial for products, especially those we intimately interact with, to be hypoallergenic. Let's delve into the importance of these features in the context of the Faraday Infrared Sauna:

Hypoallergenic Materials:

The Faraday Infrared Sauna is crafted using hypoallergenic materials, ensuring that users with even the most sensitive skin can enjoy its benefits without the fear of allergic reactions. This attention to material selection minimizes the risk of skin irritations, rashes, or other allergic reactions that can arise from prolonged exposure.

Clean Experience:

Cleanliness is not just about appearance; it's about health. The Faraday Sauna is designed in a way that makes it easy to clean and maintain. Its non-porous surfaces prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria, ensuring that every sauna session is as hygienic as the first. Regular cleaning routines further ensure a germ-free environment, enhancing the overall sauna experience.

Safety First:

Safety is paramount. The Faraday Infrared Sauna comes with safety features like temperature controls, timers, and ventilation systems. These features ensure that users can relax and rejuvenate without any concerns. Moreover, the infrared technology used is safe, emitting a natural wavelength of light that is beneficial rather than harmful.

Usage Tips and Maintenance

Best practices for maximum benefits

To get the most out of your Faraday Sauna, it's recommended to use it 3-4 times a week. Ensure you're well-hydrated before and after each session.

Cleaning and maintenance tips

Regularly wipe down the interior with a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Ensure proper ventilation to prolong the life of your sauna.

What Celebrities Say About Infrared Sauna

What do the celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston, and Lady Gaga all have in common?

They all use infrared sauna therapy!
(Just wait till you read what Cindy had to say about it…👇)
And think about this...
These are people who have the means and access to any/all the latest technology, where luxury is a given... And yet, when they want to rejuvenate, relax, and detox, they still turn to infrared sauna therapy.
Here's what they had to say about it...

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Cindy Crawford LOVES infrared sauna:

“I try to go into an infrared sauna for 20 minutes at least once a week. Before I invested in my own, I just went to a local tanning salon that also had an infrared sauna—my homeopathic doctor suggested I get one because it’s good for detoxing. It’s not like a normal sauna, which can be harsh. Instead, infrared is a super gentle, soothing, and therapeutic heat that helps me relax and improves my sleep.”

CINDY CRAWFORD  // source: IntoTheGloss.com / Photo: Instagram

Jennifer Aniston uses infrared sauna in her wellness routine:

“I just like to mix things up, and also I really love an infrared sauna; it just allows for such beautiful, glowing skin and cell rejuvenation and detoxification. It even helps with weight loss and relaxation.”

JENNIFER ANISTON  //  source: Forbes.com / Photo: Instagram

Lady Gaga uses infrared sauna to help with Fibromyalgia:

“When my body goes into a spasm one thing I find really helps is infrared sauna.”

LADY GAGA  //  source and photo: Instagram

Pricing and Value for Money

The Faraday Infrared Sauna might come with a steeper price tag compared to its counterparts, but its features and benefits provide value for every penny spent.

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Should I buy faraday infrared sauna?

After diving deep into the features, pros, and cons, it's clear that the Faraday Infrared Sauna is a front-runner in the market. It combines innovative technology with a user-centric design. If you're seeking a sauna experience that offers health benefits beyond just relaxation, Faraday might just be your best bet.

Is the Faraday Sauna Right for You?

Weighing the benefits against the investment, it's evident that the Faraday offers a unique sauna experience. If you value quality, innovation, and health benefits, then this is a worthy addition to your wellness routine.

Click here to order your Faraday Infrared Sauna and embark on a transformative wellness journey.

Frequently asked questions

1. How does infrared technology differ from traditional sauna heating?

Infrared saunas heat the body directly using infrared lamps, while traditional saunas heat the air around the user.

2. Is the Faraday Sauna suitable for all age groups?

Generally, yes. However, it's always best to consult with a physician, especially for children and the elderly.

3. How often should I use the Faraday Infrared Sauna for maximum benefits?

Ideally, 3-4 times a week, but it varies based on individual needs.

4. What is the energy consumption like?

Faraday Infrared Saunas are designed to be energy efficient, often consuming less power than traditional saunas.

5. Can I install the sauna outdoors?

It's designed for indoor use. If you wish to install it outdoors, ensure it's well-protected from the elements.